Niagara Falls Community Health Centre, Niagara Falls, ON, $4m, Date TBD

Southern Georgian Bay Community Health Centre, Wasaga Beach, ON, $5m, Date TBD

Brock Community Health Centre, Cannington, ON, $8m, Date TBD

Youth Centre Community Health Centre, Pickering, ON, $3m, Date TBD

Community Care City of Kawartha Lakes, Lindsay, ON, $7m, Date TBD

Hospice Peterborough Care Centre, Peterborough, ON, $5m, 2017

Waypoint Mental Health & CSC Chigamik Community Health Hub, Midland, ON, $17m, 2017

Northumberland Medical Arts Centre (Northumberland Family Health Team), Cobourg, ON, $9m, 2016

Muskoka, Parry Sound Mental Health Association, Parry Sound, ON, $750k, 2016

Peterborough Medical Arts Building, Peterborough, ON, $8m, 2015

Penetanguishene Community Health Hub Proposal, Penetanguashene, ON, 2015

Minto Rural Health Centre Design-Build Proposal, Pemberton, ON, $3m, 2015

Mount Dennis Family Health Group (w. Humber River Family Health Team), Toronto, ON, $2m, 2015

Glenview Residence Group Home for Medically Fragile Children, Pickering, ON, $1.25m, 2015

Peterborough Nephrology Clinic, Concept Design, Peterborough, ON, 2015

Dr. Azzopardi Family Practice Clinic, Port Hope, ON, $300k, 2015

Dr. Mok Plastic Surgury Clinic, Peterborough, ON, $300k, 2014

Orthopaedic Clinic, Peterborough, ON, $400k, 2014

Turnbull Diagnostic Imaging Clinic, Peterborough, ON, $250k, 2014

Peterborough Vascular Lab, Peterborough, ON, $350k, 2014

Dr. Purvis Family Practice Clinic, Peterborough, ON, $200k, 2014

Wellness Works / Dr. Crane Family Practice Clinic, Peterborough, ON, $450k, 2014

Dr. Lindsay, Courtney and Dallaire Family Practice Clinic, Peterborough, ON, $275k, 2014

Peterborough Sclerotherapy Clinic, Peterborough, ON, $350k, 2014

Port Hope Community Health Centre Renovations, Port Hope, ON, $150k, 2014

Bradford West-Gwillimbury Family Health Centre (with Southlake Family Health Team), Bradford, ON, $2m, 2014

Bancroft Family Health Team, Concept Design, Bancroft, ON, $3m, 2013

Peterborough Health Unit Dental Suite, Peterborough, ON, $250k, 2013

Peterborough Regional Health Centre Cancer Treatment Centre, $3m, 2013 (w. Salter Pilon Arch)

Sommerfeld Family Practice Clinic, Toronto, ON, $250k, 2012

Community Care Access Centre Leasehold Improvements, Peterborough, ON, $900k, 2012

Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Peterborough, ON, $500k, 2012

Peterborough Regional Health Centre Nicholls Building, Demolition, $1m, 2011

Lakefield Community Healthcare Centre (Lakefield Family Health Team), Lakefield, ON, $4.5m, 2009

Port Hope Community Health Centre, Port Hope, ON, $2m, 2009, LEED Gold

Grey Bruce Health Unit, Owen Sound, ON, $14m, 2009, LEED Gold (w. Salter Pilon Architecture)

Peterborough Nephrology Clinic, Peterborough, ON, $300k, 2008

Alexander Medical Building Renovations, Peterborough, ON, $80k, 2008

Moira Place 128-Bed LTC Facility, Tweed, ON, $10m, 2008

Dr. Ingram Gerontology Clinic, Peterborough, ON, $300k, 2005

VON Clinic Renovations, Peterborough, ON, $100k, 2005

Centennial Place 128-bed LTC Facility, Millbrook, ON, $7m, 2004

Ryerson University & George Brown College Centre for Studies in Community Health, Toronto, ON, $14m, 2002

Fairhaven 256-bed LTC Facility, Peterborough, ON, $21m, 2004 (w. Salter Pilon Architecture)

Hospice Peterborough, Leasehold Improvements, Peterborough, ON, $100k, 2002

Peterborough Community Care Access Centre, Peterborough, ON, $1m, 2001

Dr. Thompson Clinic, Peterborough, ON, $150k, 2001

Dr. Williams Clinic, Peterborough, ON, $150k, 2001

Group Home Development for Medically Fragile Children, Stewart Homes, Peterborough, ON, $1.2m, 2000

Dr. Susan Sudbury Family Practice Clinic, Peterborough, ON, $100k, 1999

Wellness Works Renovations, Peterborough, ON, $50k, 1999

Alzheimer’s Society Offices, Peterborough, ON, $50k, 1998

Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Peterborough, ON, $100k, 1998