Adam Brady

Hons. BAS | M.Arch | OAA Intern | MRAIC  |  Intern Architect

Adam joined the Lett team in the fall of 2013, after relocating to this side of the province to renovate a family property in Haliburton – a project that is giving him a hands-on understanding of construction and materiality.  Since joining the Lett team, he has been able to put his talents to use on municipal, residential, and commercial projects with an attention to detail and a passion for texture and function.

A graduate of the Master of Architecture program at the University of Waterloo, his thesis research yielded a dissection of the once-lauded North American Shopping Mall. Through an architectural and cultural criticism of these spaces, Adam proposed an anti-mall – an elegant arrangement of residential, commercial, recreational, cultural, and minor industrial spaces – with the hopes of repurposing shopping mall sites and reinvigorating suburban downtowns. It is only recently that through his time working at Lett that he has been able to translate this passion of intensification and hybridization to design proposals through the local private and public sector. Recently, Adam has completed multiple new and renovation projects for the City of Peterborough.

Adam currently sits on the Housing and Grants Committee in Highlands East, where he adapts his trade to inform his peers and local council on zoning by-law amendments that could allow for alternative housing. He volunteers his time for the municipality in the hopes of improving the quality of living across Haliburton County. Adam is the current Chair of the Trent Society of Architects, where he is working with local artists, designers, and trades to encourage a better relationship between architects and the public, and to promote community awareness of architecture in general.